Prove These Three Things To Win Custody Of Your Kids

Child custody is one of the fiercest battle parents wage when going through divorce. You need a strong arsenal to win such a battle. Here are three things you need to prove to strengthen your case:

You Provide Daily Care to the Kid

Kids can't take care of themselves, so they rely on adults (usually parents) to take care of them on a daily basis. Showing that you have been providing and intend to continue providing this daily help will go a long way in boosting your custody battle.

For example, you should have evidence that you have been preparing meals for the child, helping them dress, taking care of them during illness, enrolling them in school and putting them to bed. Other relevant activities include disciplining the child, spending quality time with them, and actively showing them love and affection.

You Have an Emotional Attachment with the Kid

Courts understand that the emotional attachment between a parent and a child is important for a child's emotional growth; if you don't have this attachment then the child won't miss much by not being with you. Thus, proving that you have a strong attachment to the kid improves your chances of getting custody or visitation right.

A good way of proving this emotional tie is to show that you understand your child's needs and interests. This includes knowing the child's favorite toy, favorite food, hobbies, and television programs, among others. You also need to show an understanding of the kid's emotional welfare, for example, by explaining how you have been dealing with the effect of your separation on child.

You Have a Stable Home Life

Lastly, you may also boost your chances of getting custody of your kid by showing evidence of a stable home life. Kids need time to adjust when they change environment, and frequent changes (meaning frequent adjustment periods) interfere with the child's development.

You are deemed to have a stable home life if you live where the child currently lives (same town or neighborhood), sleep with the child under the same roof, have lived in the same area for a long time, and have many friends are relatives in the same area. Those things show that you have a stable life and aren't likely to uproot the child form their home any time soon.

Don't forget to tell your custody lawyer, someone from a place like Nichols, Speidel, & Nicholseverything about your relationship with your kids because it may be relevant to the case. For example, you should not leave out any negative experiences you may have had with the child; you shouldn't try to paint yourself in good light in front of the attorney. Leaving anything out will just expose your legal counsel to surprises in court, which may jeopardize your case.