Do You Have to Agree to a Low Settlement Offer from the Insurance Company?

When your settlement offer from an insurance company seems low, you have to decide what your next steps are going to be. You can choose to accept the offer, or you can attempt to renegotiate a better deal with the insurance company. If you have received an offer, and you think it is low, here is what you need to know.   Was It Too Low? Sometimes a settlement offer might seem low, but it actually is not. Read More 

Why Do Some Mentally Ill Defendants Go to Trial While Others Are Declared Incompetent?

Many people hear of cases where the defendant is deemed unfit to stand trial because of mental illness. In other cases, mentally ill defendants go to trial and plead insanity instead. What exactly is the difference? If both defendants are mentally ill, why are the cases treated so differently? This is what you should know.  Mental illness and incompetency are different mental states. The basic difference between the two types of cases comes from the fact that insanity and competency are actually two different things. Read More 

Planning Ahead: Prenuptial Agreements And You

If you are busy planning your wedding, be sure to add a meeting with a lawyer onto your list. It's easy to overlook how marriage is not just a relationship, but a legal action. If you and your soon-to-be spouse can agree upon some important financial stipulations before your big day, you can help pave the way for a smoother future. Here is what you should include in your agreement and what should be left out. Read More 

A Few Reasons You Should Consider Estate Planning Even If You’re Young

If you are young or don't have much money, you may think estate planning is something you can wait to do until you're older and more wealthy. However, you should know you already have an estate, even if it is a small one. If you don't take charge of it now and something happens to you, then the court will decide what to do with your belongings, savings account, and even your children. Read More 

What Might Make Divorce Easier To Get Through?

When most people get married, they don't ever think that they will be divorcing one day. Wanting to dissolve a marriage that has lasted any length of time can be a painful, disappointing feeling, and the divorce process can be time-consuming and upsetting. Getting through it can be easier when you use the following ideas. See a Therapist Professional emotional therapy can be effective during any challenge in a person's life, and divorce can be such a life-changing experience that seeking therapy might be one of the best things you can do to handle it. Read More