Alcoholism And A DUI Charge – 9 Questions That May Save Your Life

If you're facing your first DUI charge, it may have been an isolated and ill-advised error in judgment. But, you may also suffer from a malady that could cause you to repeat the same mistake again. If you suffer from the disease of alcoholism, you may end up repeating the same mistake many times.

More than likely you need help that goes beyond just the idea of punishment by the court system. If you value your freedom - multiple DUI charges will give you an opportunity to reflect on how much you do – you need to do some self examination about your alcohol consumption.

Here are 9 questions to ask yourself about your drinking that will enlighten you as to how much of a problem you may really have.

1. Do you have periods during your drinking where you blackout, or large blocks of time where you cannot remember what you did?

2. Are there frequent times where you envision drinking only so much, or for a certain amount of time, but you end up drinking longer and more than you wanted to drink?

3. You find yourself thinking more about drinking than you do about your family, or friends?

4. When you do drink too much, you are constantly coming up with excuses, or reasons why you over drank?

5. You start to feel like you need a pick-me-up drink first thing in the morning, or at some point during the day, just to get you through?

6. You start to drink by yourself, more and more frequently, often so others cannot see how much you consume?

7. When you drink you become uncharacteristically antisocial, or begin to lose interest in things you otherwise find fun and enjoyable?

8. You become anxious about your work, or school commitments, so you put off drinking for certain periods of time, only to go on an all out bender?

9. In between periods of drinking you begin to experience an unexplained level of anxiety, or an intense craving for a drink?

Dealing with a criminal charge for driving under the influence can be a challenging experience. It can also be a positive life-changing event, if you keep an open mind. Consult with your attorney and find out if there are any pretrial suggestions that may be helpful in addressing the present situation, but most importantly reveal a solution that can prevent a problem from getting worse.

Getting behind the steering wheel of an automobile is a dangerous thing to do. Getting to the root cause of a DUI charge may save your life, or the life of someone else.