Alcoholism And A DUI Charge – 9 Questions That May Save Your Life

If you're facing your first DUI charge, it may have been an isolated and ill-advised error in judgment. But, you may also suffer from a malady that could cause you to repeat the same mistake again. If you suffer from the disease of alcoholism, you may end up repeating the same mistake many times. More than likely you need help that goes beyond just the idea of punishment by the court system. Read More 

How to Win an Attractive Nuisance Injury Claim

You have probably heard that property owners are liable for kids injured by attractive nuisances on their properties. However, do you know how to prove that a property owner should pay for such an injury? Here are the four questions courts usually consider while handling an attractive nuisance claim: Was There a Dangerous Condition on the Property? The first thing is to prove that a dangerous condition existed on the property. Read More 

Preparing Your Estate When You Have A Number Of Children And Grandchildren You Want To Leave Money To

While many people create an estate plan that simply divides their assets among the number of heirs they want to leave money to, you can be more specific regarding your assets. Whether you want to leave a cash sum to one child, and set up a trust for a grandchild, you have the right to do whatever you want with the money in your estate. If you are concerned about how an heir will spend the money, or if you want the money saved for a child's education, you can create specific trusts in order to do so. Read More