You Accidentally Walked Into The Wrong Apartment: Will Be You Charged With Burglary?

People often make serious mistakes when going home at the end of a long day of work. These mistakes are also likely to occur if a person has had a few drinks before coming home. In this situation, entering the wrong apartment may seem like a minor deal. However, the person living there may be trying to get you charged with burglary. Will this charge stick? Entering An Open Door May Count As Burglary Read More 

3 Reasons To Bring In A Business Dispute Expert For An Amicable Business Split

Splitting a business may occur as a happy occurrence so the two companies can both grow in new directions, or it may occur a little less cheerfully due to illness or divorce. Many business partners manage to handle the split amicably and professionally regardless of the cause. So why bring in business litigation or counsel in these cases? There are three good reasons to always have the help of an expert when dividing a business. Read More