Ways That Video Conferencing Can Be Useful In A Divorce Situation With Children

Considering what will be best for your children should always be in the forefront of your mind and your spouse's mind when you're divorcing and trying to come up with a custody arrangement. There are all sorts of ideas that you can pursue, and as long as your divorce is mostly amicable, you can work together to shape a suitable scenario for your children. Don't be afraid of incorporating modern-day technology into how you decide your children's custody arrangement. Something such as video conferencing can be an asset in the following ways.

Physical Distance Between The Parents

If you both like the idea of joint custody but the reality is that you aren't going to be living close together, you have to accept that moving your children back and forth between your homes may not be in their best interest. This is the case whether you and your spouse will be living a couple of hours apart or perhaps half of the continent apart. Video conferencing can be valuable for "shortening" the distance between both parents. For example, if one partner will take custody of the children, perhaps the one who lives elsewhere can connect with them regularly via video conference.

Family Meetings

Family meetings might be a thing of the past if you and your spouse aren't divorcing amicably, but if you're getting along, don't be afraid to keep some traditions alive with the help of video conferencing. For example, if your family tried to have a meeting every Sunday evening to talk about the week ahead, discuss the weekend, or go over any issues with the children, you can continue to do so with video conferencing. This idea provides some normalcy to the children during what is a difficult time for them.

Interruptions To Custody

If you and your spouse have decided to pursue joint custody with a 50/50 schedule, you may sometimes face situations in which one parent's schedule requires you to change the custody itinerary. For example, if the father is away on business, the mother may take the children for a couple more days that week. Instead of trying to even things up by the father taking the children for more days the following week, you can work out an arrangement in which the father spends time connecting with the children via video conference. This will allow the kids to keep their schedule, which may be good for their routine.

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