Before Accepting A DUI Plea Bargain, Follow These 3 Tips

More than 90 percent of all state-presented cases are resolved in plea bargains. For this reason, if you've been charged with a DUI, you shouldn't be shocked if this is your outcome. While a plea might seem like an easier option when compared to a trial, make sure you understand the decision to accept an offer should be one that is well thought out, as there are real consequences.   

Understand You'll Have To Give Something

Make sure you understand that you will have to pay in some form. To put this into perspective, just think about the word bargain. With a bargain, you may not pay full costs, but you are paying something. This is true with a DUI plea bargain as well.

If you walk into it thinking you'll get to walk away without any consequence, you will be disappointed. Even before you've seen the deal, have in your mind that you will be facing some level of penalty.

Don't Skim Over The Details

All plea bargains are not the same. Prosecutors will generally prepare these deals based on the specifics of your case. For some people, they might offer the option to plead guilty to a lesser offense. For other people, the deal might just assign a specific fine or penalty, such as completion of an addiction rehab program in lieu of jail time. Never accept an offer without going over the details. Make sure the terms of the deal are something you can manage; otherwise, greater consequences will follow.  

Remember You Don't Have To Accept

Just as there are different types of plea bargains, prosecution teams offer plea deals for a variety of different reasons. The most common reason is to keep the court rolls shorter. When a case goes to trial, this takes time, and most importantly, it costs the taxpayers money.

On the other hand, you might be offered a plea if the prosecution doesn't feel strongly about your case or the evidence they have. There are many people who are offered a deal, don't accept it and are then found not guilty. If you have solid evidence that the prosecution doesn't have proving you weren't driving under the influence,you can refuse the deal and take your case to court.  

Your freedom is important. Although you may have made a mistake, this does not mean that your rights don't need to be protected. A DUI attorney can help ensure your rights and your freedom are not violated. Don't hesitate to get assistance with your case.