How Not To Waste Time When Divorcing

In the not too distant past, an unhappy couple had a number of choices if they wanted to get a "quickie" divorce. These types of quick divorces are pretty much a thing of the past, but if you are willing to "reside" in some places or fly to another country, there are still some variations of quickie divorces available. Read on to learn more about the places where you can still get unhitched relatively quickly.

Let's Get Divorced/Stay at a Dude Ranch

It should be no surprise that a place that is known for impulsive marriages should also provide the means to part ways quickly. Nevada is the only state in the union where you can get a complete divorce in few weeks' time. There are, however, some caveats for those wishing to partake in this exercise:

1. Either you or your spouse has to stay in the state of Nevada for at least 6 weeks. As you might imagine, an entire tourism industry has sprung up to accommodate those who need the residency. You can find "divorce vacations" that include everything from dude ranch stays to 6-week condo rental deals.

2. You and your spouse must agree on every aspect of your divorce decree (an uncontested divorce).

If Your State Plays Along

The next most expeditious divorce comes from the Dominican Republic, if you wish to take an international flight. Here, your divorce can be final in as little as 24 hours. The problem? Not every state recognizes divorces from this country, so check it out before you make your flight plans.

On Familiar Territory

If you are nervous about the validity of a Dominican Republic divorce, rest assured that a divorce procured from the U.S. territory Guam will be legally recognized in all states back home. At least one of you will need to stay in Guam for a week before you file the paperwork. That done, you can return home and await the final divorce decree, which can take up to 30 days sometimes. The Guam divorce must be uncontested.

Back Home

Many people don't realize that uncontested divorces in the U.S. can take a surprisingly small amount of time. Referred to as summary divorces or simplified divorces, these quick divorces are available to those that have no minor children, have only been married for few years and have little to no property and debt to divide. Be sure to discus the fast options for divorce in your area with a local divorce attorney.