3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Filing A Disability Claim

If you believe that you possess a disability that renders it impossible for you to work, you should know that you are able to file a request for supplemental income from the Social Security Administration. That said, filing a claim does not mean that it will necessarily be approved. In fact, many disability claims are denied multiple times, even on appeal. For this reason, you may want to consider hiring an experienced attorney who specializes in disability claims. Keep reading to discover three of the biggest reasons doing so may improve the chances of getting your claim approved.

Gathering Documentation

Filing a disability claim can involve much more paperwork than you might expect. After all, the burden of proof is on the individual; they must show that they cannot work because of their disability. Administrative law judges will almost certainly require detailed proof of work history, current earnings, bank information, and a host of other documents. Luckily, attorneys can work with you (as well as your bank, doctors, and former employers) to gather all the information you need and present it in a way that bolsters your case.

Medical Evidence

Perhaps the most crucial part of documenting your disability claim is medical evidence. You must have detailed records from any institution that has provided you with medical care so as to help the court establish a timeline of your disability, as well as some idea of its severity. In fact, perhaps the most common reason disability claims are rejected is inadequate medical proof. A qualified attorney can help you secure all the proof you need, as well as sort out any missing information from past medical records. In this way, your attorney can act as an expert interpreter of your case so that is more likely to be approved.


If you have already filed a disability claim and have recently learned that it has been denied, don't worry. Included with your claim denial should be information about what to add in an appeal should you choose to file one. An attorney can help you locate this information before the deadline so that you do not have to start over with a completely new claim. Without an attorney, you may find yourself wasting time and energy building up another mountain of paperwork. On the other hand, a disability claims lawyer can help make an appeal straightforward, hopeful and predictable in the best possible way.

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