3 Steps You Can Take To Ensure Your DUI Attorney Succeeds In Winning Your Case

When you are arrested for DUI, it's necessary to seek legal help to better fight your conviction. The representation of a DUI attorney while in custody is the surest way to ensure that your rights won't be violated. However, there are times when you unknowingly make costly mistakes that can compromise the success of your case. To prevent such a scenario, there are measures you can take to give your lawyer the best chance of winning your case. Here are a few to note.

1. Strictly adhere to the advice your lawyer provides

While your case is pending in court, your lawyer may suggest that you seek alcohol treatment or counseling. If your DUI lawyer makes such a recommendation, you should never ignore it, as it can influence your case outcome. They may also request that you have a specific dress code when you appear in court or that you should never discuss the specifics of your case with anyone. The other important follow-up your lawyer can request is to take photos of your arrest scene and try to locate witnesses that might have seen your behavior at the time of the arrest.

2. Don't share any information without your lawyer's consent  

The last thing you want after a DUI arrest is to offer the police information that could be used against you. Therefore, never volunteer information or answer questions until you speak with your DUI attorney. Remember that it's your constitutional right to remain silent. You should also be careful about your posts on social media because such information can also be used as evidence during the trial.

3. Ensure that you document your arrest

During your arrest, you should try to remember the details pertaining to your case, especially the events leading up to your arrest. For instance, you should know why you were pulled over and whether any tests were performed. If possible, write these facts down, and if there was a breathalyzer test taken, you should request the results from the police and keep it with your notes. 

If your arresting officer cruiser had installed a dash camera, request the footage. Don't forget to take photos of injuries if you sustained injuries in the course of your arrest. When you talk to your DUI lawyer, ensure that you show them all the information you have gathered. Any evidence of procedural mistakes or shows police misconduct can help your case in court.

If you're facing a DUI charge, it can be a confusing and frightening situation because a conviction can result in serious penalties like a permanent criminal record or revocation of your driver's license. Therefore, take the measures mentioned above seriously if you want the best outcome.

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