3 Vital Reasons To Hire A DUI Attorney

A drunk driving charge is one of the most serious charges that a person can be charged with. If you are pulled over by police officers and found to have alcohol in your system, your driver's license could be suspended. As if this isn't bad enough, you may end up losing your job or going to jail. A DUI attorney can help you avoid these consequences. Here are three vital reasons to hire these professionals.

Getting Back Your License

If you are pulled over and charged with a DUI, your license will likely be taken away. Unfortunately, it can take several months for the DMV to reinstate your license after you've paid off all the fines. A DUI lawyer can help expedite this process, so you can get back behind the wheel sooner. They'll also negotiate your temporary suspension of license down to limited driving privileges if it's possible, so you do not have to wait out an entire revocation period before being able to drive again.

These lawyers will also help you process the proper documentation that proves you can legally drive again after a conviction. These may include a DUI ignition interlock, a limited license, or an SR-22. DUI lawyers are experienced and can navigate the complex legal waters to help you get your life back on track.

Getting a Lighter Sentence

In most cases, a person convicted of driving under the influence will be ordered to pay fines and attend alcohol or drug abuse treatment programs. They may also be sentenced to jail although in some courts a judge may have the discretion to allow them to participate in an alternative sentencing program such as probation or community service.

A good lawyer can help you negotiate your sentence, so you receive something less than what was originally proposed. They know how to search for inconsistencies between police reports and evidence produced at trial. They can also work with defense witnesses and other professionals to establish that your driving behavior may not have been as impaired as the officer believed. This can make a big difference in your case.

Handling Complexities of DUI Law

DUI cases can be complex and cause you to lose your case because you don't know how the laws work or what the judge will decide. DUI lawyers have worked on countless cases related to drunk driving before and know how the laws work. They'll ensure that your rights are protected during every step in the process, including at trial proceedings.

Hiring a DUI attorney is one of the smartest decisions you can make. They'll help you fight your charges, get your sentence reduced, and keep you out of jail.