Issues You Need To Be Aware Of When Seeking Justice After A Motorcycle Crash

Unfortunately, some insurance companies are crafty in their dealings and deny accident victims their rightful compensation. They usually develop defenses that make complainants appear guilty. Because of that, it is paramount to be cautious when dealing with insurance agents. That means being aware of any unlawful tricks they may use to benefit themselves from your crash.

Working with a motorcycle accident attorney is the best way to ensure that you steer clear of the insurer's gimmicks. This article shares issues the insurance firm might raise to deny you the rightful payment for your motorcycle crash and how your attorney will assist you.

You Should Have Avoided the Crash

Generally, riders are at a greater risk of encountering accidents than motorists. Therefore, you ought to be careful on the road. For instance, if the driver ahead of you stops their vehicle unexpectedly, you have to do everything possible to avoid a crash. Failing to be vigilant can get you into trouble, making you miss out on your deserved payment. 

The insurance company can argue that you could have avoided the crash after presenting a claim. Your lawyer can fight this allegation by providing evidence to show that you were not guilty. They will demonstrate that the other driver's actions created a situation that made it challenging to escape the crash.

A Third Party Was Responsible for the Crash

The insurance company's legal team can claim that a third party was responsible for the crash. They will do this to reduce their clients' fault percentage and delay your case to make it harder for you to get compensation. If the insurer can succeed in this argument, you might get an insufficient or no payment, regardless of the severity of your injuries.

You Filed Your Lawsuit Too Late

You have to file your motorcycle claim within the specified period in your state laws. Failing to meet the deadline can make you fail to get compensation. Insurance firms usually cling to this statute to deny claimants their rightful payment. In that regard, they will claim that you filed the case too late or you didn't sustain serious injuries. That explains the importance of involving a lawyer in your case as soon as possible. They will start constructing a claim immediately to ensure that they have sufficient information to present to the insurer in time.

You should seek compensation if you suffer extensive damages in a motorbike crash. However, the three defenses above can deny you a chance of getting justice and compensation. But your personal injury attorney can combat them and any other arguments the insurer raises to enable you to get your rightful compensation.