Lesser-Known Amusement Park Injuries

When a death occurs at an amusement park, it usually makes the news. However, injuries at amusement parks happen all the time and don't always get reported. When a day of fun turns into something different, you may have a course of action against the amusement park operator.

Slips and Falls

Anyone visiting an amusement park knows there are hazards on the ground. Most parks do a good job of warning visitors about the cables, hoses, and electrical lines snaking all over the place. Unfortunately, it's easy to trip over such hazards and fall.

Wet areas are also common. Whether from rain or spills, people can slip and hurt themselves. While it may not be possible for the park to dry up every puddle, they owe the visitors a duty of care that includes placing warning cones near wet areas.

Mechanical Hazards

The laws that govern amusement park rides vary from place to place. Many states require inspections, and most amusement rides are safe. However, anything that is mechanical can break. When a visitor is hurt because of a poorly maintained ride, the amusement park owes the victim compensation.

Bad Food

Part of the fun of visiting an amusement park is the food. However, those who prepare the food may not be trained to do so in a safe manner. The food service workers should be screened for certain diseases that can be passed on to diners. The food should also be cooked properly and held at safe temperatures to avoid foodborne illnesses like salmonella poisoning.

Taking Action Against an Amusement Park Operator

Parks owe it to visitors to maintain a safe place to enjoy time with their families. That duty of care may be breached in many ways, as the above examples show. If you or a loved one has been hurt at an amusement park and you feel the park did not do enough to prevent the injury, speak to a personal injury lawyer.

To be paid compensation, you should be prepared to demonstrate how the park failed in its duty to create a safe experience for visitors. For example, your personal injury lawyer might do the following things when investigating your accident:

  • Find out if other visitors have experienced similar injuries from the same hazard.
  • Investigate inspection records to determine the history of issues the park was warned about.
  • Show a direct link between your injuries and the actions or inaction of the amusement park.

You can be paid for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn more.