A Reliable Attorney Is a Great Asset

Planning Ahead: Prenuptial Agreements And You

If you are busy planning your wedding, be sure to add a meeting with a lawyer onto your list. It's easy to overlook how marriage is not just a relationship, but a legal action. If you and your soon-to-be spouse can agree upon some important financial stipulations before your big day, you can help pave the way for a smoother future. Here is what you should include in your agreement and what should be left out. Read More 

A Few Reasons You Should Consider Estate Planning Even If You’re Young

If you are young or don't have much money, you may think estate planning is something you can wait to do until you're older and more wealthy. However, you should know you already have an estate, even if it is a small one. If you don't take charge of it now and something happens to you, then the court will decide what to do with your belongings, savings account, and even your children. Read More 

What Might Make Divorce Easier To Get Through?

When most people get married, they don't ever think that they will be divorcing one day. Wanting to dissolve a marriage that has lasted any length of time can be a painful, disappointing feeling, and the divorce process can be time-consuming and upsetting. Getting through it can be easier when you use the following ideas. See a Therapist Professional emotional therapy can be effective during any challenge in a person's life, and divorce can be such a life-changing experience that seeking therapy might be one of the best things you can do to handle it. Read More 

Alcoholism And A DUI Charge – 9 Questions That May Save Your Life

If you're facing your first DUI charge, it may have been an isolated and ill-advised error in judgment. But, you may also suffer from a malady that could cause you to repeat the same mistake again. If you suffer from the disease of alcoholism, you may end up repeating the same mistake many times. More than likely you need help that goes beyond just the idea of punishment by the court system. Read More 

How to Win an Attractive Nuisance Injury Claim

You have probably heard that property owners are liable for kids injured by attractive nuisances on their properties. However, do you know how to prove that a property owner should pay for such an injury? Here are the four questions courts usually consider while handling an attractive nuisance claim: Was There a Dangerous Condition on the Property? The first thing is to prove that a dangerous condition existed on the property. Read More