A Reliable Attorney Is a Great Asset

3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Filing A Disability Claim

If you believe that you possess a disability that renders it impossible for you to work, you should know that you are able to file a request for supplemental income from the Social Security Administration. That said, filing a claim does not mean that it will necessarily be approved. In fact, many disability claims are denied multiple times, even on appeal. For this reason, you may want to consider hiring an experienced attorney who specializes in disability claims. Read More 

What Are The Benefits Of Avoiding Probate?

You may have heard that, when planning your estate, you should do everything possible to avoid probate. While probate is very probably necessary for most people no matter what actions you take, the idea of avoiding probate is to keep estate property away from the hands of the probate judge. That is done using various methods like trusts, special deeds, and account designations. Many people wonder what the benefits of avoiding probate are. Read More 

What To Know About Personal Injury Liability With Backyard Pools

With many pools being shut down this summer due to COVID-19, it has led to people setting up backyard swimming pools to cool off this summer. However, a swimming pool on your property can potentially cause a personal injury lawsuit that you are not prepared for. Here are some things to keep in mind to better understand your liability as a property owner with a swimming pool.  Know Your Local Laws Read More 

Some Answers About Filing Bankruptcy

If your bills have become out of control and you don't see how you are ever going to catch up with them, then you may have come to a position where you are considering bankruptcy as a way out of the hole you have found yourself in. If this is true, then you probably have a lot of questions about bankruptcy. Here are some answers to questions many people find themselves asking about the process, as well as other aspects of bankruptcy. Read More 

When Is It Appropriate To Ask For Full Custody Of Your Child?

These days, the common presumption of the courts is that parents will more-or-less share the custody of the children. The idea is that children thrive best when they have a solid relationship with both of their parents. Most of the time, that's true. There are situations, however, when it's totally appropriate to ask the court for sole custody of your child during a divorce. Here are a few: Drugs and Alcohol Read More